Outta Me, Onto You


This blog is about/by a woman at a major turning point in her life (several, actually).

I am newly-married and have found myself living in my new-old state (in the same town where I grew up!) — not at all in the place I thought I’d be when I turned 30 — another turning point (which happens much later this year). I have also just launched a new website, which means I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed: working with words every day and sharing my opinions with everyone who’ll listen.

So, my life consists of a lot of unrelated, demanding projects (yes, marriage is a project) requiring focus & attention all at once — with lots of planning and uncertainty — just the way I like it.

I’m a writer, city-slicka, recreational boxer, seasoned spanish student, wannabe-globetrotter (not of the Harlem persuasion) and lifelong troublemaker (just ask my husband), and an opinionated, sarcastic, stubborn woman and trustworthy friend (again, just ask the husband).

I prefer comments on my blog, but if you have something super important/urgent/unrelated to a post, drop me a line at: outtame.blog AT gmail.com.

Oh, and if you went to school with someone named Ona, I’m not her. Ona D. is my pen name here.


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