Outta Me, Onto You


(Netflix rocks) Recently rented:

1. The Last Kiss (really recommend it)
2. Chocolat (definitely appropriate for this era)
3. Little Miss Sunshine (even my husband who doesn’t get sarcasm or dry humor loved this)
4. An Inconvenient Truth (stayed awake through the whole movie this time)
5. Salaam Bombay (watched it in fast forward. kinda slow. very sad.)
6. On A Clear Day
7. My Life Without Me (loved it!)
8. Before The Fall
9. Saving Grace (funny)
10. Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
11. Water (highly recommend it)
12. Marie Antoinette (loved it. actually made me like the queen)
13. Dark Days (borrrrrrrrrrring)
14. Under the Tuscan Sun (cute, sweet, moving. kinda lame ending)
15. Babel (dear, god, how did anyone stay awake watching this?)
16. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (loved it)
17. Catch A Fire (kind of boring, which surprised me)
18. Rana’s Wedding, (I fast-forwarded through much of it)
19. Stay (definitely weird. i did not get the ending, but i liked it overall)
20. The Experiment (disturbing)
21. Jesus Camp (scary, sad)
22. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (bizarre/hard to follow)
23. The Break-Up (boring)
24. Trust the Man (memorable and worth renting)
25. Casa de los Babys (meh.)
26. The Devil Wears Prada (loved it, though pretty predictable)
27.Blood Diamond (woah. rent it. now.)

Saw In Theatres:

1. Pan’s Labrynth (loved it!!!)
2. Children of Men (loved it!!!)
3. Borat (funny, but not worth seeing more than once)
4. Apocalypto (hate Mel, liked this, not sure of his message, but know what I got from it)
5. Smokin’ Aces (was entertaining but not thrilling. first time i saw a movie here)


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